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by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article on Marketing Ads.

Have you ever wanted to be noticed? If not you personally, how about your company?

This can be tough when you're a small business with a limited marketing budget. And if you're using small display ads (or classifieds) in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet,they can easily get lost in all the other ads competing for your prospect's attention.
There's a solution. When preparing your ads, keep this in mind
Before you can sell anything, your prospect has to notice you. So it's vital to make an ad SHOUT your product's or service's biggest, most desired benefits.
Is your product

  • Bigger?
  • Faster?
  • Priced lower?

  • Does your company provide outstanding service?
    Whatever it is, take that most important benefit and place it prominently in your headline, right at the beginning of your ad. And if there's space, remind readers again near the end.

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    Here's an example of how we doctored one client's proposed ad. Their product -- a software program -- allows companies to transact globally using a breakthrough technology and for 1/4 the price of competitive products. All great selling points. But buried somewhere in the middle of the copy was a brief mention that customers could get a free version of this software, which usually sells for about $1000.

    I came up with this headline: "FREE software takes your business global!"
    If you were interested in doing business on an international level, would this get your attention? Sure it would, especially if you were a small company on a tight budget -- which was exactly who we were targeting.
    Remember, if you want to be noticed always put your benefits upfront!

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