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by Clay Marafiote

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Here's a quick recommendation on recommendations.

Think about the last time you bought something, dined out, or went to a movie. Was your choice in anyway influenced by what someone told you? Chances are it was, because nothing helps create a sale like strong testimonials from satisfied customers.
The fact is, prospects are impressed when they hear positive things from those who have already used your product or service: "This widget doubled my gas mileage and saves me $210 a month! Buy it!"
The bottom line? Recommendations are the most powerful form of advertising and they cost you nothing (yes, that's right, F-R-E-E).
Okay, here's something you need to know: some types of customer recommendations work better than others. For example, "This is great stuff" is a good testimonial but, "This stuff cut my costs by 21%" is even better. Try to get customer recommendations pinpointing the user's results.
When customers say something good about your business or products, ask them if you can use their comment in your marketing and advertising. Most people will be flattered that you want to quote them. Write their words down and file them away for later use.

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Marketing Tip

Finally, you can always ask a customer if you can write a testimonial for them to put their name on. This is a pretty common practice, and busy customers will appreciate you doing the work for them. Make sure the recommendation reflects what the customer really thinks, you can slip in the reference to a particular product or feature.

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