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by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article on Marketing and Junk mail.

How do you feel about junk mail

Before you commit yourself to a position, let me share an important point with you.
“Junk mail holds a wealth of marketing wisdom.”
Big bulk advertisers (like Publisher’s Clearinghouse) spend millions on their campaigns, using New York City's most expensive writers to churn out top notch sales letters.
Then those letters are tested to find out which one is most effective before anything is mailed on a large scale.

That’s right!

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The brochure, envelope, and sales letter that show up in your mailbox are almost always the product of ad experts doing their best work.

The next time you’re tempted to relegate your mail to the “round file” spend a little quality time with it first.
Pay attention to the things advertisers put on their envelope to get you to open it. Notice the kinds of advertisers who use a long 6 or 12 page sales letter as opposed to those who hit you with a full-color glossy brochure. Save good headlines and remember interesting formulas.

Look for ways you can borrow a few good ideas. A lot of savvy marketing consists of copying others' successful methods.

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