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Marketing what customers want.

Marketing customer wants

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by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article on what customers want.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "What the heck do my customers really want?" If you're (even remotely) like most business-minded people, you're thinking, "Yep, almost everyday!"

Because if you could hone in on what customers want, you'd make a fortune, right? Of course. Well then, here's some news you'll find useful (and maybe profitable).
Over and over, consumer research shows there are three primary factors that make people buy, turning them into customers (yours, hopefully)
Consumers buy from people they trust. Businesses that offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee or work hard to help solve problems always rank high in customers' minds.
Consumers want quality. Consumers have named "quality" as a top factor for a long time. Price is good. Convenience is good. But buyers really want dependable, good old-fashioned quality.
Consumers want a good price. With the economy a little tighter these days, price has become a more important factor in the customer acquisition formula. In the past, price ranked relatively low on the wants and needs list, but today it's near the top. Keep in mind, thanks to the Internet consumers can now compare prices on a very broad scale -- and might have a preconceived idea of what a "good deal" is before talking to you.

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To handle the price issue, make sure you show prospects how your price is competitive when compared with other products/services. Build value! You can also promote products or services that have especially low prices, or offer "loss leaders" -- products advertised at below cost to generate attention.

Marketing what customers want

- Connecting With What Customers Want.
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