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by Bogie

Here is an article Marketing and the Logo.

Does your company have an eye-catching, impacting and memorable logo -- one that separates you from other companies and is recognized by the "masses"?

Logos are one of the oldest and most powerful ways to make people remember you. Way back -- when most people didn't know how to read, businesses identified themselves with a picture or symbol. Things haven't changed much, and you know what? This "time tested" (and proven) tactic still works!
Think how easy it is to identify the logos belonging to Nike, Starbucks, Mercedes Benz, and Polo. These monoliths -- and their counterparts -- spend millions of dollars making sure customers are VERY familiar with and can instantly recognize their logos.
You can do the same thing... but on a much smaller and cost efficient scale. Get a logo that's simple, powerful and timeless. Make it easy to read. Use a pro (call me, I know a couple). And for Pete's sake -- your company's sake, really -- don't copy another company's logo. Over the past 3 or 4 years just about every start-up enterprise, and even a few established ones, decided "swoops" were the way to go.
What's a "swoop"?

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Basically it's an ellipse, "orbit pattern," or similar geometric shape. There are loads of variations, but the concept -- which was once decent -- has been beaten to death... and is quite forgettable. Today, using a swoop is a bad move.

The bottom line? Don't skimp in this department. A well-known logo is one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools available.

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Bogie is the contributing writer at Gulfcoast Webworks and loves writing articles related to the advertising marketing and the health field. He also cares that his articles are not illegally duplicated and passed around!
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