most products and services are more of a luxury than a necessity

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About Necessity and Marketing

about necessity and marketing

by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article most products and services are more of a luxury than a necessity.

There's something you should know.

Products and services are a mixed bag of sorts, some are very necessary, some aren't.

What do I mean exactly?
Well, if your sink explodes, you need a plumber. Broken bones, a killer tooth ache, insurance claims all require services that are necessities.

The thing is, most products and services are more of a luxury than a necessity. For example, do you really need a car when a bus can get you wherever you want to go? Would living without a cell phone be an impossibility? Is having a $7.00 cappuccino every morning a matter of life and death? You get the point.
Here's an interesting statistic.

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About 90% of the time, businesses buy out of necessity. But consumers think a purchase is a necessity only 30% of the time. Much of the time they'll do a job themselves or make the product. Usually, they buy to save time and trouble (can anyone say McDonalds?), which means 70% of consumer purchases are luxury items.

The point is, you need to know how customers view your product or service. Is it a necessity or a luxury?
The answer is important! Why?

Because it helps determine how you should promote and write ad content (and whether you're marketing will be effective or ineffective).
In a nutshell, necessities should be promoted as a viable solution to a pressing problem stress your competence and caring. On the other hand, you should promote luxuries by focusing on how much better your customer's life will be after buying from you. Let them know how your product or service saves them time, money, and hassles, etc.
Remember a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900 a German Philosopher "Necessity is not an established fact, but rather an interpretation."
So, based on this, it's valuable to figure out how your product or service is interpreted, which will vary by demographic. Once you know your target market's demographics, you can decide if it's better to push your product or service as a necessity or a luxury. The right decision could very well translate into bigger profits!

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