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by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article about what you want your prospects to do.

What do you want? More specifically, what do you want MOST?

In case you're thinking "A new car, a bigger house, a pay raise, a date with... etc", know that I'm talking about your "Most Wanted Response" or MWR.
What's that?
It's what you want your prospects to do. It's that exact action you want them to take after they read your ad, or see your commercial, or hear your pitch.
So many companies try to use image marketing... you know, like Nike's "Just Do It" or BMW's "The Ultimate Driving Machine" campaigns. This is great for companies with unlimited advertising budgets, but the average company will go broke using such indirect, suggestive techniques.

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Marketing Tip

If you're looking for a response (and you better be), don't expect your target market is going to take the time to figure it out on their own. You have to tell them what it is!

Last week, my friend said to me, "It would be nice to see a movie tonight." Know what I said? "Uh-huh" then I went right back to doing whatever I was doing on the Internet.

Now, there are three points I need to make here.

  • First, DO NOT ever do anything that suggests you agree with your "significant other" unless you are actually paying attention.
  • Second, if they're talking, pay attention (do yourself a favor).
  • And third, notice my fiancée's statement and see how it applies to marketing:

  • "It would be nice (if you bought my product, if you came to our restaurant, if you hired us to build your Website, if you gave me $1,000,000.00).

    I might be treading on thin ice, but her comment (i.e., marketing message), like the ones I inserted above, was weak. And, based on my response, mostly ineffective.
    Why? Because the action she wanted me to take wasn't clearly defined.

    Don't waste your time or money! Before writing the first word of your ad copy or marketing message, know what the MWR is. Then make sure that every keystroke moves toward making it happen. Don't expect your prospects to figure out what you want them to do. Tell them!
    If you don't, chances are they'll just say "Uh-huh," and continue with whatever they were doing before you interrupted them.

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    Bogie is the contributing writer at Gulfcoast Webworks and loves writing articles related to the advertising marketing and the health field. He also cares that his articles are not illegally duplicated and passed around!
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