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about spam and marketing

by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article on Turning Spam into Gold.

Have you ever thought, "If I could turn spam into gold I'd be a millionaire by now"?

Here's an idea to help make that happen.

Everyday, millions of emails shoot across the Internet promoting everything from vacation packages to multi-level marketing. In fact, advertisers are now collectively spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually to get their message in your mailbox.
Let me ask you something?

Did you ever get an email promotion that you actually opened and read? If so, chances are a professional wrote it. And this is IMPORTANT to know.

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Because it's gold! And you should save it as an example worthy of following when you create your own email promotions.

You see, the Internet is young and there's not much good, "result producing" email marketing training materials out there. But you can collect volumes of wisdom by paying attention to what works on you!
When you get something good, just save it in a computer file for future reference. Here are some things you should look at:

  • What in the subject line grabs your attention?
  • Does "who" it comes from influence you?
  • How does the email begin?
  • Are the paragraphs long or short?
  • Are bullet points used, and if so, do they make it more readable?
  • What's the call to action?

  • There's no shame in borrowing good ideas. Savvy marketing includes paying attention to what works, even on you. So, keep your eyes open and start mining for gold!

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