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startegy and marketing

by Clay Marafiote

Here is an article about Startegy and Marketing and Your Customer.

How do you get your name known and products bought?

There's a long answer and a short one! And because the subject has come up several times in the past week I thought now would be a good time to revisit the subject with the short answer.
Interestingly, when it comes to marketing, a lot of folks look for a quick fix -- which is a big MISTAKE.
Because they end up taking the one-shot marketing gamble keep reading to understand what I'm talking about.
Yes, the one-shot approach can be very tempting. However, when you're faced with either advertising your company with a series of small ads, or going for the one BIG ad (whether it's on television, radio, or print media).
Go with the small repeating ad! Here's why (and I can't say this enough).

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Marketing Tip

The key to effective marketing is to find something you can afford, then consistently use it over and over again. Sometimes this means repeating your marketing faithfully for weeks or months. You see, your target market will start to notice and buy from you ONLY after your ad has had plenty of time to sink in.

Which marketing medium should you use? The one that reaches your prospects and (like I mentioned above) one you can afford to use consistently, month after month!

SIDE NOTE: The more your product costs, the longer you'll have to run your campaign and the better you'll have to develop your (prospective) customer relationships.
Remember, that before anyone will buy from you, they have to:

  • Notice your marketing message
  • Be interested in your message
  • Choose to act

  • No matter how you slice it, buying is a three-step process and it takes time for a prospective customer to decide to buy from you. Shortcutting the process with a low repetition strategy rarely works and is a waste of your marketing dollars.

    Be smart, plan for a long-term marketing strategy, budget accordingly, and be consistent!

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