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by Clay Marafiote

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Not too long ago, I asked a successful and long-time client what he thought was important to share with you about the work he and I had done together.

His response? "Getting it right in marketing is more about science and less about art." He added that, in his opinion, a lot of companies "shortcut the marketing process" in an attempt to save money.
Here's the thing, low sales and ineffective marketing pieces and campaigns (just like their effective counterparts) don't just happen. Both are developed over time and at a cost.
The difference is, high sales and effective marketing are usually a result of sound research and surveys.
You want to know the sad truth?
To their own detriment, most companies don't do either. And instead of taking the time to get into the collective mind of their target market, they use best guess tactics that lead to poor performing promotional campaigns and waste valuable time and dollars using sort of a "Fire. Ready. Aim!" approach.

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Marketing Tip

Surveying and research eliminate guessing and give you the strategic information you need to make effective (i.e., profitable) business decisions. Without them, you're driving blindfolded, at night, in a snowstorm, uphill, on bald tires.
What should you name your company? What should your logo look like? Should you advertise? Should you use direct mail? If so, what type of direct mail? Who should you mail it to? What should you say? What about using the Internet? Does it apply to your company and, if so, how? And what about?

It's a lot to figure out.
Do yourself a favor. Don't waste your hard to come by resources on marketing that's not based on surveys and research.

Surveying and Research and Marketing Resources:

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Surveying and reasearch.

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